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(These numbers need to be double-checked)

NetworkData per CollectionData per NFTCost to mintCost to buyTime to mint 1m NFTsCost to mint 1m NFTs
Ethereum24 KBs800 bytes0.0016 ETH ($2.50)?????~55 hours1,600 ETH ($2.56m)
Solana?1200 bytes0.014 SOL ($0.49)????~2 hours12k SOL ($420k)
Solana (compressed)?< 50 bytes0.00035 SOL ($0.01)???5 SOL ($175)
Aptos?????????????~1 hour?

Cost of storage:

NetworkCost of Storing 100 KBs
Ethereum64m gas (at 15 Gwei = .96 ETH) ($1,536)
Solana0.7 SOL ($24.50)
NEAR1 NEAR ($3.20)


Okay Bears sold about 7,000 NFTs in about a minute (hard to measure) on April 26 2022. The bot-spam competing for the mint crashed the Solana network at the time, dropping Solana's TPS to below 400.


.7 SOL per 100 KBs = $24.50 1 NEAR per 100 KBs = $3.20

Solana NFT


Otherside: 55,000 in 3 hours. 5 mints per second

Ethereum is only capable of about 25 transactions per second, so that means it would take about 7 minutes to sell out a 10k collection (at the cost of shutting down the entire Ethereum network).


Claims they can mint 'millions' of NFTs in an hour. No technical details or code were provided.

Serverless Functions:

Note that AWS lambda functions cost around $0.30+ per 1 million executions. Price increases dependent upon RAM required and time of execution.